Try The Delicious Western Food Items At Punggol

Are you planning your trip to Punggol this year? It is a new city in Singapore northeast region. It is a beautiful city, once you will go there you will be awestruck with the Natural beauty. Imagine how romantic it will be when you come back home and once you get down to the stair you can enjoy the sunset by the water. You might think that it is like the movie, but in reality in 2011 after the completion of the waterway, the residents of Punggol enjoy that. Once you come to Punggol you will be also part of that. People love to explore new places for their scenic beauty. Whenever you make a plan for a tour; there are several reasons behind that to choose one place. Obviously exploring the new places is the main motto but food is another major reason behind that.

Have you seen Punggol pictures? When you will see the glorious waterpark sunset picture, the beauty will blow your mind. If you ask me I am a big foodie, I like to explore new food and the authentic food of the place where I visit.

Try authentic western food at Punggol

  • Western food at Punggol is a little bit different. Western food at Punggol is famous You can find KFC and McDonald there. You can have banana pie or taro pie instead of Apple pie. Deserts are too delicious over there.
  • Have you tried the green tea ice cream? Shocking right? We know about the green tea, but the green tea ice cream is totally different from that
  • In Punggol people think that rice is an essential item for them so even with a burger they order congee or Congee is one type of rice soup

Try the Korean food at Punggol

We all know that Singapore is famous for its Korean food. Korean food is another reason for visiting the Punggol.

Foods you must try at Punggol

Deserts- if you are in Punggol and you have not tried their desert, that is not at all acceptable. You must try the cheese filled pastry. this is the special desert here. Many hotels and restaurants you would get where you can have delicious cheesy pastries. You can have cheese filled bun too. Four types of flavors are available.

In Punggol, you can find many different types of hotels and restaurants, cafe, bars, and local food stalls. Almost in every restaurant, you can get western food. Before going to Punggol you can do a little bit research on the best food places and the famous food in Punggol. Choose a restaurant where you can get breakfast for dinner. All the restaurants in Punggol are well maintained and the staffs are experienced one. You can have any type of western food. Most of the restaurants are open from 10am to 10pm. So book a hotel without wasting any time, and try the Korean delicious food at Punggol. Give surprise to your partner and enjoy the meal there.