Amazing facts about stem cells that all of us must know

Amazing facts about stem cells that all of us must know

Parents always want to give the best to their child. Now here is your chance to protect the child from a number of life-threatening diseases. The best way to do this is by storing the cord blood stem cells of your newborn child. Stem cells are the master cells or the building blocks that aid in treating a number of diseases.

Here are some important things about stem cells that will amaze you:

The division of the stem cell will form cells which can become special cells that can perform specific functions like brain cells or muscle cells etc. These are master cells that have the potential to replenish themselves for a very long time. Stem cells can be obtained from bone marrow. But if you are looking for a less insidious way of collecting the stem cells then you can select the umbilical cord option. You can rest assured that this is a completely safe method for the mother as well as the child. You can find these cells in nearly all the organs of the body. These cells are present in large number in raw form in the cord blood of the new born baby.

Easy way to get one of the best life-saving options:

These stem cells have the power to cure a number of diseases that are a risk to human life. These cells have been able to save children from the clutches of childhood cancer. They have been successfully used as a transplant option in the case of diseases related to blood, immune system and metabolic disorders. Different types of anaemia, leukaemia, congenital and metabolic disorders can be treated with the help of stem cells.

Store the life saving power in the cord:

The Cord Blood Treatment in Singapore and in other countries has become very popular. If you too want to take advantage of this treatment method just in case your child suffers from a life threatening disease then you need to store the cord blood of your new born baby.

For this you need to make a few preparations. You need to select a good stem cell bank which has the best infrastructure and which maintains very high-quality standards. Along with the storage, it is also very important to make sure that the blood is tested properly before storage. The testing will give an idea about any infections and contamination. It is the responsibility of the bank to make sure that the blood is stored in a contamination-free environment and it must be safe for future use.

The parents need to get the collection kit from the bank. They need to ensure that the kit is stored at a temperature between 8- 25  degrees Celsius at all the times. The doctor also needs to be informed about your plans to collect the stem cell blood.

You may have made huge investments in the money bank but for the better life of your child you need to invest in the bank of life