The hosting guide for your website

The hosting, also known as web hosting, web space or web hosting could be defined in a simple way as the set of resources required to ensure that a site is accessible to any user connected to the Internet.

The resources needed to make a web page visible to any user connected to the internet will depend to a large extent on the characteristics of the website, but at least the following will be necessary:

Web Server is the software in charge of returning the content of a web page to the browser of the user when it requests the display of said web page. This software must reside on a computer connected to the Internet, which is also often called Web Server.

Disk Space is the space necessary to host the files corresponding to the contents of the web page. These files can be text files of different types (such as HTML files, PHP files, etc.), files with images, files with multimedia contents, etc. These files will normally be stored on the hard drive of the computer running the Web Server software.
In addition, depending on the needs of the website, other resources may be necessary, such as:

Databases: if the website is a dynamic web page, is a web page whose contents change frequently, it is customary to store those contents in a database.

Email: the web page will be associated with a domain name, so that if, for example, the web page is accessible through the domain name check, the web hosting service You can provide e-mail addresses within that domain, such as,, etc.

What should I look for when hiring a hosting service?

The aspects in which we must look for when hiring a hosting service for our website will vary according to the needs of this one. So, in the first place, we must look for the hosting service to offer all the functionalities that we need to launch our website. For example:

If our web page is to be programmed in the PHP language, we must make sure that the web hosting service that we are going to hire supports that programming language.

If we need 10 email accounts, we must make sure that the hosting service we are going to hire provides us with that number of accounts.

In addition to ensuring that the web hosting Singapore we are going to hire offers all the features we need for our website, we must also take into account other aspects. Thus, one of the most important aspects to take into account when hiring a hosting service is availability.

The availability of a web page is the percentage of time in which that web page is accessible from the internet. That is if the company in which we hire the web hosting service for our website tells us that it guarantees 99% availability that means that throughout the year our website will be accessible for at least 99% weather.

The higher the quality of the contracted hosting service Singapore, the greater will be its price and also the availability it offers us.

In the following article of this blog, we will talk about what are the main types of hosting existing at the present time.